4 Essential Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 #DigitalMarketing Series [Andrei Tiu]

4 Essential Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 #DigitalMarketing Series [Andrei Tiu]

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The top 4 Digital Marketing Trends I believe will impact the industry in 2018. From rise of Mobile usage to Social Media Marketing Cost increasing, Video Marketing becoming even more popular and Cryptocurrencies entering the Social Media space, an al-rounder for what to expect this year.
Also, discussing Omnichannel Marketing and essential Marketing Tips to take away and implement in your business to increase your customer conversion and retention.

All opinions are my own and I am drawing conclusions from industry-leading experts as well as my own experience running my Digital Marketing agency in London – Marketiu (http://marketiu.com).
Consider this as trustworthy Marketing advice, however do your research and let me know in the comments below, wether you are a young Entrepreneur or Marketing passionate, what areas you would like me to focus on more in the upcoming videos

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