4 Beginner FACEBOOK ADVERTISING TIPS of 2016 -Charles white

4 Beginner FACEBOOK ADVERTISING TIPS of 2016 -Charles white

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These 4 Tips serve as the foundation for a very profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign. Every successful advertiser uses these tips to boost sales and generate leads.

Tip 1: High Quality Photos- People process photos 60,000 times faster than any other content, so you want to make sure you make a positive first impression. Presenting your product in top quality can attract & help the user have a better understanding of what your offering. Your competing for the users attention over their friends and other ads, so make sure you stand out!

Tip 2: Creative Ad Copy- After attracting the users attention with your captivating pictures, you need to describe what your offering in a non-boring way. The following are 3 use ad copy tips I use frequently.
Ask a question in your copy, Present a fact in your copy, and use the word “YOU” in your ad.

Tip 3: Target- Geo-targeting is important no matter what type of service you offer. For example, an car wash business isn’t going to target 50 miles away, unless they want to waste their advertising dollars. Select the appropriate ranges that would make the most sense for your business.

Tip 4: Monitor- After you’ve created the perfect ad, DO NOT LEAVE & come back the next day. Monitor your ad closely after it goes live within a couple of hours. Monitoring closely allows you to make instant decisions that will in turn save you money and unnecessary clicks.

For free advertising advise in Facbook and Google, email me: CharlesWhiteNew@gmail.com

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Charles White -Digital Marketing Expert

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