3 Simple SEO Tips Anyone Can Use

3 Simple SEO Tips Anyone Can Use

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At http://www.jessicazweig.com, we talk to a lot of smart babes. And when it comes to technology, few shine as brightly as Nicole Yeary.

As the founder of Ms. Tech, Chicago’s leading incubator for women-owned businesses, Nicole has become a trailblazer in the tech scene; creating programs, workshops and communities dedicated to women succeeding in media, technology and fundraising.

In today’s episode of SimplyBe, I pick this maven’s brain on easy SEO tips anyone can use.

Nicole delivers 3 essential SEO tips, (plus a few more golden nuggets) on how to increase your traffic through content, social and more.

If you (like me) struggle with SEO, these tips are right up your alley. Get out your pen and paper.

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  • Eric Canori Reply

    Good tips on SEO… Thank you:)

  • Nicole Yeary Reply

    Ok – here are three of my secrets for #SEO 😉 

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