3 Best Digital Marketing Strategies

3 Best Digital Marketing Strategies

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EVERYONE needs to do these three, basic digital marketing strategies. If you want to increase brand awareness or market your business more efficiently, and cost effectively, then you must do these three things. We go into more detail to provide Tips for each of the three strategies, so look for the links to the other videos at the end. We welcome your comments and questions.

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if you’re still trying to figure out the
best way to market your business brand

or your organization using digital
technology driven traditional print and

TV commercials and nothing worked I got
my top 3 digital marketing strategies that anyone can do starting today

hey everybody my name is Patrick Bardwell with Bardwell Media, an online video marketing

company and what I want to do with these
videos is to help everybody out there

with tips and just companies to focus on
when the kind of come up with an online

video marketing strategy or even just
using some of the other digital

marketing tools that are out there so
one question I get asked quite a bit

is what can anybody do starting right
now and I got my top three digital marketing

strategies that anybody can do with any kind
of budget so my number one digital marketing strategy

is just create videos

plan simple not talking videos that you
have a TV commercial repurposing those

commercials and putting them online I’m
talking an actual campaign campaign not

just one video and sit back and wait
several videos and understand why you’re

producing these videos of course the
second strategy that I strongly

recommend is that you actually a set up
a YouTube channel

yes you can put your videos on YouTube
posted on your website or

some of the other online video
distribution channels but youtube is the

second largest search engine in it the
number one social network so it would be

smart to actually build a community
around your videos and utilizing YouTube

the third tip I

got for you when you’re coming up with a
digital marketing strategy is actually

create a bulk email distribution campaign
so with you now you know you’ve been

collecting email addresses from your
customers or your members or what but

will be signed up and that means they
want to receive information from you so

they are talking about you can you can
kind of pack more information in those

emails rather than just a social media
post in and go for a full circle and add

video to the email and you’re gonna see
you open rates increase and your

conversion rates increase alright so
hopefully learn some new information

perhaps when you’re developing online
video market strategies or do something

in addition marking tools out there
thank you so much for watching in

another painting would be if you click
to subscribe to receive more of these

tips and news and information so bored
and also questions put them in the

comments section below and of course we
got links to the videos I double check

those out and so i cant thanks so much
for watching

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