3 Basic Tips on Customer Psychology for Web Design

3 Basic Tips on Customer Psychology for Web Design

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What are some of the most important psychological triggers that you should have on your landing page design? We list our Top 3.

For more information, go to http://mindvalleyinsights.com/


  • Brian Edmondson Reply

    Excellent video, always interesting to hear what psychological factors help
    people take action on what we want them to do.

  • preprodigy Reply

    @MindvalleyInsightsTV more please and thank you 😉

  • sakshi i Reply

    Excellent video

  • Christopher McCann Reply

    Fantastic video… however there is no link in the description.

  • Brian Hermelijn Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Although there is no links in the comment section, but
    great video nonetheless.

  • Christian Sanchez Reply

    She’s very beautiful and her accent is warming.

  • digitalsketchguy Reply

    Good Customer Psychology is – get a damn attractive woman on your team and
    watch the money roll in

  • Akash Gurung Reply

    Loving the accent. Looking for more videos by her

  • Piotr Trzaskowski Reply

    Beautiful Polish girl! I can’t focus on the content!

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