21 SEO Tips and Tricks For Page One Rankings

21 SEO Tips and Tricks For Page One Rankings

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21 SEO Tips and Tricks http://www.no1searchenginelisting.com

21 SEO Tips and Tricks For Page One Rankings.

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Tip #1 Understand Your Market & Client Profile
Tip #2 Analyse Your Competitors
Tip #3 Use Google To Keep You Updated On Your Competition
Tip #4 A Simple Formula To Position Yourself and Make People Remember You!
Tip # 5 Add Tip #4 to your social media profiles (Google +, LinkedIn, etc.).
Tip # 6 Use The Power Of Video
Tip # 7 Distributing Your Video Message On Popular Video Sharing Platforms
Tip # 8 Optimize Your Video File Name
Tip # 9 Include Your Keyword In Your Title
(Very Important) Video SEO

Tip # 10 Write A “Keyword Rich ” Description
Tip # 11 Video SEO – Add Your Keywords In Your Tags

Tip # 12 Copy and Paste Your YouTube Video URL
Tip # 13 Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Tip # 14 Create More Optimized Videos And Create Playlists

Tip # 15 Use Google Hangouts – Optimize Them Like You Do Your YouTube Videos.
Tip # 16 Create Quality Optimized Content & Distribute It On All Platforms

Tip # 17 Start Your Own Podcast

Tip # 18 Optimize Your Podcast Channels On iTunes, Sound Cloud & Stitcher

Tip # 19 Use The Interview An Expert Model to drive more traffic back to your website and podcast channels.

Tip # 20 Facebook Fanpage SEO

Tip #21 Slideshare SEO

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