Try this Data Mining Tip for Increased Social Engagement

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Fanatics Media Irina Jordan on the importance data context. Data is important but data without context is meaningless. Social listening competency matters as people are pouring their hearts to you. Social listening in its purest form doesn’t assume anything – it’s an opportunity to answer questions that you don’t even know you should ask....

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How to Choose the Right Influencer Marketing Agency

Posted by on / 0 Comments Two Types of Agencies – Talent Agency and a Full Service Agency Talent Agency – Famebit, Grapevine, Very good companies and we work with them too Full Service Agency – Like us that Handles transactions from end to end Why one over the other? Talent Agency = You have an experienced in house team...

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Influencer Marketing Strategies from Household Hacker (4M Subscribers)

Posted by on / 0 Comments Mark Fidelman interview Dylan Hart of Household Hacker who has 4 Million subscribers for his very popular YouTube Channel Influencer & Advocate TV Episode 2 New Videos Every Wed at 11am 1. What makes your channel great? 2. the history of the channel and background on you 3. What brands would you love to...

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