Magento SEO Tutorial

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This five minute tutorial covers the basic configuration options for SEO in Magento CE 1.7. Later tutorials will cover additional Magento SEO techniques. To get free Magento Help and other tips & tricks, visit us on the web at Magento questions can also be posted to our Facebook at

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BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS | Aaron Carpenter

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giving you very “helpful” back to school tips that will help you succeed? i guess?…. (please don’t take this seriously… haha) SUBSCRIBE FOR VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY Thanks for watching! social media: twitter: Instagram: vine: snapchat: aaron-carp

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Web design tips: Usability and User Experience (unrequested sound effects or music)

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This video shows how an otherwise competent website gets things badly wrong by adding a totally unnecessary, distracting and unpleasant sound effect. On every page. The quick lesson: visitors will find it much easier to navigate away from your site than to turn their sound down. Unless your website is based around sound or music,...

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