2014 SEO Tips To Future Proof Your SEO

2014 SEO Tips To Future Proof Your SEO

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Ollie looks at seven ways to make your SEO future proof for 2014 and beyond. Including a look at which tactics no longer work and what Google and Bing are likely to look for in the future.

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  • Farooq Ahmed Reply

    Amazing video for SEO future proof

  • elegantcards.co.uk Reply

    Nice video

  • Adventure Seeker Reply

    verbal keyword – “futureproof” 

  • A Singh Reply


  • Unique SEO Tips Reply

    Very nice indeed! Big thanks for sharing this relative tips in SEO 2014.

  • Sam Jord Reply

    Thank you Kooxai for this video Really helpful in ON-Page SEO. 

  • SEO Company Singapore Reply

    2014 #SEOTips To #FutureProof Your #SEO

  • Angus Findlay Reply

    Great quick summary of some key points in today’s search engine marketing.
    #SEO #onlinemarketing 

  • CWT MEDIA Reply

    Nice video on SEO tips, completely agree with your suggestions for future
    proofing your website. It’s very important to have great content!

  • CWT MEDIA Reply

    Good tips on white hat SEO!

  • Steve Presley Reply

    Google states I have 96 duplicate meta descriptions. The problem is, Google
    is still crawling these URL’s even though Google recognizes that
    I submitted these URL’s for removal many weeks ago. This is making me

  • Teachers TV Reply

    Thank you for this interesting video !

  • Oliver Ewbank Reply

    It can take a while for Google to exclude URL’s from their index. Try
    excluding in the robots.txt or re-writing the duplicate Meta anyway. 

  • Nabil Faysal Reply

    Thanks for the good tips!

  • NicheBuilder Website and Wordpress Reply

    Good video, thanks.

  • Chetan Gosai Reply

    Really Great tips on white hat SEO… thanks for sharing nice video…

  • Kody Rene Reply

    2014 SEO Tips To Future Proof Your SEO

  • Arjan Griffioen Reply

    Do you say: “Try to keep content above the fold”? Why do you think that
    that is important?

  • Koozai Reply

    To get us started on the theme for the next week, check out Ollie’s video
    for some top tips to secure your SEO efforts for 2014.

  • XSXM_TV Reply

    Why so many dislikes? I thought, what he said was interesting and valid.
    I’m not a pro though, can someone explain the hate?

  • whitehatworlds.com Reply

    +whitehatworlds.com White Hat SEO could be a follow accustomed improve
    search performance that’s in line with terms and conditions of a research
    engine. during this tutorial, you may learn:

    *What White Hat SEO is, exactly.*
    *How White Hat SEO can affect your website and business.*

  • Damaged Reputation Reply

    Thanks for sharing this great SEO tips. Doing a white hat SEO you much
    maintain a standard of creating posts with added value that are relevant to
    your audience. Don’t write topics that you have no business writing about,
    just for the sake of SEO.

  • Jack the cool Reply

    The power of #seo is to be unleashed in the years.

    A great video. The #future_proof_of_seo

    jack from bizbilla.com

  • Souvik Saha Reply


    I think to have content above the fold is very important.

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