2013 Top SEO Tips and Tricks

2013 Top SEO Tips and Tricks

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Are you prepared with the 2013 Top SEO Tips and Tricks? Casey Meraz from Ethical SEO Consulting meets with their social media expert to discuss some major factors that need to be followed in 2013.



  • Michael Daniels Reply

    I am new to Pages. What is the biggest benefit to pages?

  • Casey Meraz Reply

    Hey Michael! Google Plus pages are now what rank for local results which
    are separate from organic results. If you earch for “Restaurants” you will
    see local businesses labeled A-G which are G+ local

  • Noh Yun Reply

    Great New Discovery Ranks Your Websites on Google Fast. (All you have to do
    is Google Roltan Ranking Platform).

  • Spook SEO Reply

    These 2013 tips are quite notable! I also want to emphasize in using social
    media as one of your top SEO drivers in your campaign. WIth how Google is
    aiming to personalize and focus their algo in user experience and accepting
    social signals as a rank factor, it just shows where they’re headed with
    their SEO.

  • Rocky Beats Reply

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  • Rocky Beats Reply

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  • kavina ken Reply

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