2 Digital Marketing Tips for Musicians

2 Digital Marketing Tips for Musicians

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Kicking off this brand new YouTube channel with a tips on how to JUST START things. Subscribe for more weekly videos for musicians: http://bit.ly/1IspMmd

Hi! I’m Adrienne Stortz and I run a digital marketing firm based in Brooklyn, NY working primarily with classical and jazz musicians.

Whether you are brand new to all things digital content or have been running your own artist website and social media for years, on this channel I’ll have weekly ideas, tips, and trends that will help you better accomplish your goals.

Post any questions you have in the comments, or e-mail me if you’d like to work together directly on your next project.

Read more about me on my company website: http://adriennestortz.com.

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1B3ficU
Twitter: twitter.com/xoxoadrienne
Instagram: instagram.com/xoxoadrienne
My other YouTube channel: youtube.com/xoxocooks

Production music from Epidemic Sound.


  • Evan Carmichael Reply

    Woot – AMAZING! Love the new channel. Immediately subscribed. I’m upset I
    couldn’t be subscriber #1… but I’m #2 – looking forward to the next vid!

  • VIDISEO Reply

    Love the channel and the first video +Adrienne Stortz Digital Strategy !
    I’d say the item that popped in my head during this video was a video
    dispatch for my email subscribers. It’s something I’ve been meaning to try
    but just haven’t.

    Looking forward to more videos from you!

  • CardiganJane Reply

    Great vid! Btw turn ur horse shoe the other way… U have to ‘capture’ the

  • CardiganJane Reply

    Ah ok so what popped into my head was that I’d like to create a new catalog
    of services for my day spa that is paid for by sponsorship from local
    businesses. To start that I’m just going to call a bunch of non-competing
    businesses in my genre.
    I also wanted to start a crowd funding campaign. So I’m going to write out
    my schedule and email a bunch of bloggers for a guest post.

  • CardiganJane Reply

    Also I guess I should tell you that I found your video because Evan
    Carmichael rated it! :)

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