#181: Marketing and Digital Transformation with David Edelman, Partner, McKinsey

#181: Marketing and Digital Transformation with David Edelman, Partner, McKinsey

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#181: Marketing and Digital Transformation with David Edelman, Partner, McKinsey

Marketing and sales are essential parts of digital transformation, however, the transition to digital marketing can be fraught with challenge. In this episode, McKinsey partner, David Edelman, offers advice for successfully making the shift to digital marketing at a sophisticated level.

David Edelman is a global co-leader of our Digital and Marketing & Sales Practices, based in Boston. For more than 20 years, David has specialized in helping marketing executives manage the strategy, organization, and infrastructure transformations required to become “digitally adroit” leaders. From creating digital centers of excellence, to developing marketing technology architecture plans, to redesigning entire go-to-market approaches, David has led work that is both strategic and highly tactical.

Together with the new McKinsey Digital Labs team of designers, developers, and digital analysts, his teams have helped marketers raise their digital traffic volumes, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value. In Financial Services, David has worked across many lines of business, including credit cards, retail banking, institutional banking, and retirement products.

One of the early leaders of Digitas, a market-leading digital agency, David built the Strategy and Analytics team, working alongside the agency’s creative and technology teams on implementation of large scale digital advertising and web ecommerce programs. Before that, as a partner with The Boston Consulting Group, he pioneered early work at the intersection of marketing and database technology, developing their “Segment of One Marketing” strategy service line, and was a leader in developing their E-Commerce practice.

A frequent contributor to leading publications, and a Top 5 LinkedIn Influencer, David has also spoken or participated in panels at many top CMO and industry gatherings. He also sits on the advisory boards of a couple of small agencies and start-ups in the social and video markets.

For more information, see https://www.cxotalk.com/marketing-digital-transformation-david-edelman-partner-mckinsey

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