12 SEO Tips to Ranking Your Site by Goozleology Search Engine Optimization of San Diego

12 SEO Tips to Ranking Your Site by Goozleology Search Engine Optimization of San Diego

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Ed Brancheau is an SEO expert in San Diego and he’s recommending these 12 SEO tips to rank your site. And if you’d like to get a free SEO report, you can get one at: http://goozleology.com/discovery-form/

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Video Transcript:

12 things Your Business Website Should Be Doing to Dominate Google Free SEO Training by SEO Coach Ed Brancheau
619-754-8846 http://goozleology.com 1. Is your website mobile friendly? Google prefers sites that pass their mobile-friendly test since it provides a better overall experience for their search engine users.
Please pause this video and head to:
Run the test on your own website and see if you pass or fail this test.
2. Does your site load quickly?
Google prefers faster loading sites for the same reason as the previous slide. Slow website loading speeds upset Google search engine users.
Please pause the video and check your load speeds here:
Google works on a traffic light system, let’s hope your scores will be green… not RED.
3. Are you listed in the top 100 local business directories like Yelp, Foursquare and Merchant Circle? Google loves websites that are listed in many of the top local business directories. The reasons are two-fold.
First, a business that has taken the time to list themselves appears like a business that will be around for the long-haul.
Second, these directories can send traffic to your site and Google looks at referral traffic when determining rankings.
4. Are you setup on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.
Google loves websites that are listed in these top social networking sites. Again, the reasons are two-fold.
First, a business that has taken the time to list themselves appears to be more brand aware and Google LOVES brands.
Second, these social platforms can send traffic to your site and, as already mentioned, Google looks at referral traffic when determining rankings.
An added benefit of being listed on these social networking sites is that it makes your business MUCH easier to be shared and recommended amongst your customers and their friends.
5. Are you aware of what your competition are doing to rank online?
Knowing what your competition is doing online, the money they are spending, the keywords they are targeting, the amount of effort they are taking can be tracked with online tools.
http://semrush.com will give you great insights into your competition and it’s a great way to see what search terms are sending them their customers.
Head over to SEM Rush now and compare your website to the sites of those you consider your competition. Take the business websites of the companies you want to be like and analyze them. Who is crushing it in your market?
6. Is your website optimized properly?
The blue text above a listing is called the “Title Tag” Count how many of the top 10 have the keyword you just searched in the title tag. Check your website now. Do you have your keywords in the Title tag?
There are a number of these “Onpage SEO” factors that Google loves websites to have, the Title tag is considered one of the most important. Read up on Heading tags, Meta tags and keyword density for additional help.
7. Is your contact information easily found?
Is your telephone number in a prominent position on the page? People do not like searching or scrolling to find ways to get in contact.
Make sure your telephone number is clearly visible at the top of the page, that it is in a font-size that is easy to read and a colour that makes it stand out in an obvious way.
Make sure you have a contact us page with your company name, address, telephone number and links to your social networking sites.
8. Do you have a video embedded on your website?
Visitors watch videos – FACT!
Having a video on your website will keep your visitors on your pages for longer.
Google uses length of time on page to work out how good your website is compared to others.
Having a demo of a product, a welcome message from the owner or an “explainer” style video of your services will keep people from leaving too quickly.
9. Are you listed on Free Ad sites?
Sites such as Craigslist, Gumtree, and Freeads have lots of visitors that are searching for local service providers, be sure to list your services on those sites.
The traffic these sites can send is very beneficial in terms of new business and referral traffic

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