11 Digital Marketing Tips Doug Curtis

11 Digital Marketing Tips Doug Curtis

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This is Doug Curtis thanks so much for checking out my video.
Here are the top 11 things that you want to be focusing on in 2018 if you’re a digital marketer in the RV or marine industry.
Here you go #1 Home Page No-no’s – never ever send a visitor clicks on your online ad to your home page or any other page on your website that is not designed to continue your ad message. Home pages are for search engines and visitors to find, use and enjoy. They are not landing pages for ads and campaigns. Not only will your visitor get lost and confused they will be frustrated.
#2 always have a landing page or lander to send your visitor to from your ad. Smart marketers test several different landers for the best response. Not all ads may link to the same lander either. It clearly depends on the ad’s message in the continuity of that message through to the lander. Several good SAAS or software as a service companies offer hundreds of predesigned landing pages. Google them
#3 the headline of the ad is called an interrupt it must instantly convey your message and ideally take no more than seven words to do it. It must interrupt their thought pattern telling them that this is not like any other headline they’ve seen in this niche.
#4 this is called the engage. We want the ad to engage your prospect and inform them that it requires them to pay attention and continue to read your message. The engage part is typically the sub header of the ad and this also explains the interrupt headline.
#5 this is the educate part of the ad. Here instead of the usual chest pounding we actually educate the customer something which is rarely been done before in this niche. this gives the prospect yet another reason to continue reading your ad.
#6 the offer part of the ad sets up their next steps. What will the prospect get out of taking the next step? Is there an irresistible compelling offer for them to take the next step? Which in this case means clicking on the ad and being taken to another webpage, your lander for more information.
#7 this is often overlooked online. Recall newspaper and magazine advertising, if we didn’t have the budget for a full-page ad or even a half page ad we used to request to be placed on the upper right section of the page. We made that request for two reasons: one we who wanted visibility for the ad and we didn’t want to be buried with lots of other ads. We wanted position and we wanted enough space to be able to communicate our message. The same principles apply online. You may have a great ad with all the above principles, but if it does not get seen is not going to be read or clicked on. Top of page or close to it banners and boxes can work well if the site has traffic
#8 employ a squeeze page. How do you know who clicked on your ad and saw your lander? The answer is you really don’t. Google, bing and Facebook can supply stats, but unless you employ another mechanism called a squeeze page which is a form to fill out, squeezing the information out of them, you will be in the unenviable position of paying for traffic clicks and page views. this will generate little to no business and zero methods in which to follow up.
#9 name and email capturing are necessary. use your squeeze page for that. Do not get too demanding asking the visitor for their telephone number, the street address or other details are typically nice to have. The less you ask for on your form on your squeeze page the more it will be filled out and submitted
#10 make them an offer “free’ works well, but it must be relevant to your offer and your goods or services. A free report or white paper, or guide to buying X all work.
#11 follow-ups- not everyone will buy on the first click Put their email and name into your email database and continually follow up with them with specials and deals etc. If you want more detail download the special report. To wrap it up, even if you only employ 50% of these items you will be 95% ahead of the rest. Remember we’re here to help you make your smart buyers smarter. Let me know if you have any questions and we can schedule a call to help you.

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