100+ Advanced Tips on SEO For Ecommerce (On-Page) – Tyler Collins :: Orange County SEO

100+ Advanced Tips on SEO For Ecommerce (On-Page) – Tyler Collins :: Orange County SEO

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Tyler Collins (Orange County SEO http://www.ocseo.com) breaks down exactly how to optimize your ecommerce store with over 100 tips for proper online store setup. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX9T9ty33d0

What SEO features should you have on your ecommerce store?

Note: this is a general guide to the video but you should watch the full video for in-depth explanation of each item and a lot more.

On-page SEO for Ecommerce

How to choose an Ecommerce platform?
– critical for SEO features and configuration opportunities
– Magento or Shopify, based built in features
* all platforms will require customization for best performance

Basic SEO (standard features)
Covers the commonly known / industry standards.

* Static, search engine friendly URLs?
– include keywords, separated by hyphens
– avoid dynamically generated page urls
– avoid redundancies of kw
– customize urls for category, product, and info pages

* Unique meta data for every page?
– title, desc, kw
– avoid duplicate meta data (watch out for this)
– take the time to write these out, or dynamic

* Main navigation?
– consistent throughout the site
– link to major product categories/pages
– be descriptive, but don’t overoptmize

* Internal navigation (sub navigation)?
– deeper navigation on specific category pages (siloing, or dynamic navigation)
* helps SE’s and users better navigate your site
* access to relevant product category pages that might not fit in main navigation
– displayed on the sidebar or subheader

Additional Site Quality Considerations?
Discussing additional site quality features for best performance.

– XML sitemap for Google, priority settings at 1.0 home, .9 for categories, and .8 for product pages
– HTML sitemap displaying links to ALL pages on the site (home, category, product, info, etc)

– navigation path, usually above the main content area, below the main navigation.
– select a theme that supports breadcrumbs
– have your developer build breadcrumb features into your theme
* schema rich snippets *

Canonical URLs?
– official or “best” url for a page, when there are several options
– duplicate pages/content
– considerations

SSL certificate (https)?
– site security settings
– important for monetary transactions (TRUST)

Shipping & Return Policy?
– are you selling products?
– Google looks for these types of policies

About Us , Terms & Conditions, Contact Us?
– company information
– official business information

Product Page Content/Considerations?
** SEO opportunities (long tail kw traffic)
– Product names (kw optimized)
– Unique, high-res images, optimized file name
– Unique content (product description)
– Product Reviews
– Schema code (rich snippets, structured data, microdata)
** detailed information intended to help users with specific queries
** Google recommends this (microdata)
– Schema for ecommerce product pages:
– product name
– description
– specifications
– price
– in-stock
– reviews (gold star)
– Social Share Features (FB, Tw, G+, Pn)
– allow users to post, tweet, pin from the product page.

Category Page Content/Considerations?
– banner or optimized image
– content
– product links
– product images (alt, etc)
– avoid duplicated product lists

– Yes. Add a blog and post regularly

Conversion Optimization?
– See next video for in-depth ecommerce store conversion optimization tips.

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