10 YouTube SEO Tips: Increase YouTube Search Rankings [Creator Tips #4]

10 YouTube SEO Tips: Increase YouTube Search Rankings [Creator Tips #4]

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http://rseo.co/youtube-seo-tips ► YouTube SEO Tips from the YouTube Creator Playbook. YouTube put all their best practices and strategies into this book and offered some advice as to what affects the YouTube search algorithm and how you can best optimize your videos to take advantage of YouTube SEO.

10 Tips for YouTube SEO
YouTube SEO Tip #1) Likes and favorites increase your videos rankings in YouTube search.

YouTube SEO Tip #2) Publishing videos regularily to YouTube will improve your rankings in the YouTube search algorithm.

YouTube SEO Tip #3) More content will lead to more viewership and more rankings in the algorithm. YouTube wants you to keep posting videos to YouTube.

Metadata is critical
YouTube SEO Tip #4) Write good titles. Put keywords first and branding at the end. Make sure they are compelling titles.

YouTube SEO Tip #5) Include keywords in your tags and place those most important keywords and keyword phrases at the start of your tags fields. Include common and specific keywords (dont spam). write 12 or more tags and use as much of the characters as possible.

YouTube SEO Tip #6) Put your most compelling information first in your videos’ description on YouTube and be sure to include plenty of keywords. Make sure you include links to other content you own and any other links that users could use to learn more about you. Also include a recurring keyword tagline.

YouTube SEO Tip #7) YouTube’s search algortithm favors videos that link to and drive traffic to other YouTube assets within annotations.

YouTube SEO Tip #8) Having your videos listed in playlists improves your content’s rankings in YouTube.

YouTube SEO Tip #9) Having a lot of video responses will also help indicate to YouTube that your video is popular and relevant and will help with SEO for YouTube.

YouTube SEO Tip #10) Respond to comments in the first hours after the video is published because building comments early helps build rankings in YouTube search.

More YouTube Video SEO Tips:


YouTube’s Creators Playbook – http://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/playbook.html


  • Mahir Cecen Reply

    At 2.10 you say that we can “Repeat or list additional tags in bottom of
    description” – is that still allowed? Please respond!

  • DougCameraMan Reply

    Very useful information! Well presented. I love You Tube and my only gripe,
    and it’s a small one, but awhile back they did away with the visible
    channel search space and replaced it with a tiny magnifying glass that the
    viewer has to click on to open up. Problem is, most viewers don’t even see
    it or even know what
    the magnifying glass is all about. There’s plenty of room available next
    to the magnifying glass for an actual channel search space but for some
    reason they choose to require clicking on the magnifying glass to make it
    open up. I understand that they have to gear everything towards the viewer
    so they favor the site search option, but what’s the harm in allowing the
    viewer more opportunity to explore a certain channel if they so desire?
    Why hide that opportunity under a magnifying glass that no one knows
    about? If they could just change it so that the channel search stays open
    all of the time, not just when you have to click on it to open. It says
    “channel search” so no one is going to confuse that for the much more
    visible site search. This is probably too much to hope for, but I’d also
    like to see a channel search space on every video’s page, but I hold out
    less hope of that happening than for them to fix the previously mentioned

  • Adelaide SEO Reply

    Thanks for sharing Youtube search rankings. Love it.

  • Video SEO Services: #1 in 'Performance Based SEO' Reply

    Great tips

  • maya ayalla Weissberg Reply

    thank you! ill follow up!

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  • AlkoSpace Inc Reply

    great info. Social sharing is the key here. Have other people like and
    share your video for you.

  • anthony curiale Reply

    Great Info. Thanks for sharing it. I am embarking on a YouTube channel for
    the first time and researching exactly what your topic is covering for my
    business needs. Good to see there is help out there for us noobs. If you
    have any other info that might help a noob get started please let me know. 

  • DeanoSauruz Reply

    It seems like a tough market to break, even if your product isn’t exactly
    filling a gap in the market. I think I understand most of what has been
    listed I just seem to have an issue with the “Key Word” field. I always
    manage at most 7-8 lines of words or phrases that our relevant to my video,
    any more and I am scrapping the bottom of the potential leeching/spam
    barrel and I don’t ever want that

  • Owen fox - Conscious, Healthy, Happy Living Reply

    thank u, thought id let u know ur annotation on how to make a white
    background at end didnt work for me, probly isnt working :)

  • The Day Reply

    how does one remove videos from you tube video creator? thanks

  • BornAMusician1 Reply


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    Rather informational video and this supports alot. Thanks for displaying!

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    My favorite part of the video was the outro song.

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    thanks for the info

  • ‬The Dude Reply

    2:30 woman looks like Katy Perry

  • Cred-Demo Reply

    Way to rock a fast paced value-packed concise video that is entertaining as
    well as informative!

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