10 tips for web design in Photoshop

10 tips for web design in Photoshop

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10 tips for web design in Photoshop, ,Creare’s James and Nick share 10 great tips for designing websites in Photoshop. Regardless of how experienced you are, we’re hoping you might pick up a tip or two!
Check out the supporting blog post at: http://www.crearedesign.co.uk/blog/videos/web-design-in-photoshop-10-tips.html,


  • Sonny Brown Reply

    I love the tutorials and tips you guys put up, but just watching your
    posture makes my back hurt. Trust me on this, you will have back problems
    sitting like that. I don’t want to sound like your mum, but have to have an
    arch in your lowerback, or the your sacrum to your lumbar disks will start
    to decay and you will have pinched nerves the rest of your life. It’s not
    fun. But DEFINITELY keep up the good tuts guys!!

  • Dustin Kruisman Reply

    A really nice follow-up of this video would be a video on how to code this
    in Dreamweaver. I’ve been thinking about designing in Photoshop because
    it’s way way easier. But my only problem is.. How can I code this into
    dreamweaver? With links and other things.

  • tikvun Reply

    i would like more tutorials like this, leave wordpress alone for several
    videos :)

  • Creare Reply

    @sonnybrown haha! Thanks for the comments SonnyBrown, indeed, those little
    Ikea chairs are not the most comfortable thing to sit on! Good thing we’re
    only sitting on them for a few minutes a week.

  • Creare Reply

    @supa3004 Hey MrNuun, exactly, we’d need a 20-part series I think!

  • Creare Reply

    @ar7ix The font is called DIN, and I change part of it into Arial.

  • Creare Reply

    @tikvun Thanks for the feedback Tikvun, you’re right, we may have exhausted
    Wordpress for a while!

  • Creare Reply

    @supa3004 Hey guys, thanks for the comment! Hope the crazy weather you guys
    are having isn’t affecting you too much. I’m waiting for my opportunity to
    come out and see how you guys are getting on out there! We’ll have to get
    you all in on a video conference in one of our meetings! James.

  • Dustin Kruisman Reply

    @crearegroup Oh well. lol. 20 part video.. But. Okay I get it haha. But
    still.. I can be designing the greatest website in Photoshop but I still
    don’t know how to make a website out of it xD It doesn’t have to be a
    video. Maybe you know where I can try to find a tutorial?

  • opticseo Reply

    Great tips as usual. I just wanted to mention that it’s pretty easy to
    embed fonts these days. You can make them from freely licensed fonts, or
    buy them from premium font providers. This offers some new ways to replace
    images and offer more text as well.

  • Luke Stratton Reply

    Times New Roman?!?!?! The world most ugly font? Great videos nevertheless.

  • Artexetra uk Reply

    hi guys, Nice videos, very inspiring. i’m running a web project, and i need
    help transferring my photoshop images saved for web and devices, to my

  • Artexetra uk Reply

    hi guys, i designed a gradient header background , saved it as
    headerbg.gif, (10px/115px) in a folder inside my project folder.i am
    currently using visual studio developer.

  • Artexetra uk Reply

    hi guys, div id=”headerbg” /div>..in my style sheet:.. {width:100%;
    height:115; backround:url(../images/structure/headerbg.gif); } when i view
    design, its blank..help

  • Brandon Le Reply

    Great tutorial! very useful tips, be better if the screen is more readable.

  • oasisrussell Reply

    Great video guys some great tips and you explained them really well. I
    really need to start using grids in web design mock ups, thanks!

  • Ressi Theresa Reply

    Really informative tutorial. The tips are easy to understand and the
    concept is easy to grasp. I guess that’s how freelance companies such as
    Pixel Dream Studios design good websites. I hope to watch more interesting
    tips from you guys.

  • drifting2c Reply

    How do you guys create redlines? I am trying to figure out the best way to
    create the redline pdf file that contains the exact pixel measurements for
    the developer to use when developing. I have not found a quick and easy way
    to create the redline pdf file. I would expect something like the Acrobat
    measure tool that would snap to layers and allow one to create many printed
    measurements for all necessary dimensions on the designed web page. Thanks!

  • Omar Reply

    thank you keep it up

  • Spencer Clough Reply


  • Iguru trainingsolutions Reply

    Nice one..



  • Alex Marek Reply

    Thanks guys that was really helpful, I’ve had plenty of design experience
    and still learnt a few good tips from the tutorial

  • YourTutorialMaster TeachesYou Reply

    I like your webdesign tips & tricks guys! I do this webdesign stuff too!
    Just watch at my videos and check it out, I finish a webdesign in about 1-5
    minutes. Have a good day everyone!

  • Sapi Sapiz Reply

    Did you hear about Photo Ultra Tools yet? My buddy started using it and he
    has turned into a photoshop legend a single week. Explore it on google.

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