10 Faces of Syndacast with 10 Digital Marketing Tips

10 Faces of Syndacast with 10 Digital Marketing Tips

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10 digital marketing tips for 2014 by 10 faces of Syndacast. Featured here are 10 digital marketing tips you can use in 2014.

Tip 1 – the internet is fast changing. Technology is evolving. Digital trends are forever changing. But you don’t always have to reinvent yourself. Sometimes all it takes is a pivot and you’re faced with a whole new set of opportunities.

Tip 2 – Programmatic ad buying matters. Mobile and video RTB is quickly become more prevalent. As more advertisers being to understand the true value of the discipline, the line between traditional ads and native advertising is blurred and the RTB ecosystem will only skyrocket.

Tip 3 – There really is no single internet marketing strategy that stands out from the rest. It’s about selecting the right combination of strategies and the right balance that yields the highest ROI for your business.

Tip 4 – Everyone loves the Grid Format. It condenses everything into an easy-to-read format. But before you decide that’s the way to go for your new website, realize that Grid is popular because user experience matters.

Tip 5 – Content marketing is more than just writing. It’s about writing with purpose. Writing based on research. And 2014 moving forward, it’s about storytelling.

Tip 6 – We live in a multi-screen world. Responsive is a must and usability matters to both capture the interest of new visitors and encourage returning visits.

Tip 7 – Websites are changing even more in 2014. Flat design is preferred. Typography takes center stage. Parallax design is growing in popularity and simplicity will matter even more.

Tip 8 – They say social media signals effects your SEO rankings in Google, but if you read between the lines, it’s more than just likes or shares. It really is about Google+

Tip 9 – 2014 is the year of mobile. The focus is shifting from ‘desktop-first’ to ‘mobile-first’ because that is where your audience is moving to. Mobile ad buying will continue well into next year.

Tip 10 – So, just keep calm and go digital

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