#1 Digital marketing Tip for Success on Social Media | The Marketing Nerdz Podcast Ep 26

#1 Digital marketing Tip for Success on Social Media | The Marketing Nerdz Podcast Ep 26

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In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, “Karan Dharamsi”, CEO of “The Marketing Nerdz” is going to speak about the “#1 Digital Marketing Tip for Success on Social Media”.

He shares the importance of building genuine relationships with your target audience, using a personal experience that he came across on one of his social media accounts.

Be it any social media platform, it is very important that you avoid this #1 Digital Marketing Mistake most people make while building professional connections to their potential target audience.

People value customisation and personalisation over automated messages.
Gone are the day’s of generic automated responses!

Watch the complete podcast video to know what’s the #1 Digital Marketing Tip for Success on Social Media and the #1 Mistake you should avoid!

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